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//Hey Lukey, loving your CD!! So awesome knowing it was recorded analogue too. You can really tell. There is a tremendous warmth and fatness to the sound! Awesome! Awesome, bro!!//



//Hey Lukey, just sending a belated thank you and congratulations on your fine album. Defining Moment definitely my favourite song of yours, sends the spirit soaring! Bravo mate//

Carl Dickens


//Your album is pretty cool man. It sounds organic, not too overly produced. You’ve channeled a mix of crowded house, Paul Kelly and cold chisel with your own little thing.//

Adam Parsons


//Lots of songs to go through - whew!  And so many styles, lots of hooks, and some really nice guitar. I’ve picked “Defining Moment” to play on Wrokdown Radio this week, and the week after and the week after........ etc...... can't get it out of my head.//

Anita Monk


//Juicy Tunes//

Jackson Bews


//Just wanted to say what a really well put together produced and mixed album “Here It Is”. A really good mix of genres and songs from the heart. Thank you mate you rock. Can’t wait to see you live again as well.//

Steve Thew


//A solid rock/country/middle of the road album mate... I'm loving it!  ...don't sell yourself short it is a SOLID rock album... with no weak songs at all. And now we're in a renewed lockdown, I'll be listening to it all over again! I'm a fussy bugger mate... a pure perfectionist, so I know when I hear a "filler track", or something second rate.

And I picked up NONE of that from your album.

I hope you do another, in time.

Love your work, Lukey... //

Mark Brookman


//I am loving your album and have played it quite a bit. The sound overall is excellent and a credit to the studio and yourself. I think my favourite is Country girl followed closely by Jasmine Flower and Sweet melodie is just magic. Your version of over the rainbow is definitely up there with Thorpys. My favourite thing on the album though is the lyrics. You have a wonderfull way with words. Well done you.//

Will Duwe


I have the cd and this would be a great album to listen to on vinyl. The production values are excellent, you write great songs and your voice is a national treasure.

Foggy Highway


//Your CD is great work Brad! Real songs. Real production. Keep getting it out there mate//

Marcus Ha


//I listened to the album non stop ibn my car. Exceptional job. Your album is gr8. Very enjoyable  //

Cory Hargreaves 


//It’s worth every penny//

Gary Deam


//It’s a great CD. Love it!//

Brendan Goodacre


//The music is BRILLIANT!//

Tam Rosewarne


//Had a nice trip into the city today with your CD mate. Bloody impressed, sounds brilliant. Some real, well put together timeless songwriting. So far away and break in the weather we’re favourites. But loving the few country and rockabilly tracks too. Unreal! Would love to see these played live with a band//

Riley Catherall


//God I love your voice Lukey//

Kes O’Hara


//Your a very talented man mate..I like your work..👍🏻👍🏻//

Rex Worley

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JUST A LITTLE LOVE - The Third Music Video Clip release from the Double Album 'HERE IT IS' is here! 

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